Entertaining the crowds for these Casacabana gatherings can feel like you’ve been jetisoned back into a time when entertainers like Elvis Presely, Little Richard, Peggy Lee, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. were alive and thriving. 


Lead Guitar Player, Nick Palumbo

Piazzi’s gatherings are adventures into yesteryear with music from a bygone era. And these fashionable people bring a dashing flair without the pompous attitudes. 


Editor, Rockwell


The jacket collections range from gabardine wools to linens and silks which are lighter and ideal for spring and summer wear. Matthew’s eye for quality and his meticulous attention to detail in the clothing he purchases makes every item in this collection a find. “there’s no room for mediocrity here especially when representing the Casacabana brand.” says Piazzi.

Then there are the hats of which each and every one of them is produced by some of the most well respected manufacturers in the business. The hats are wool or straw not just because of tradition, but because the wool felts last a lifetime, hold their shape the longest, and just feel terrific to wear. “When I want the real deal, it often means searching for those items that were manufactured the old fashioned way, when craftsmanship was of utmost importance and care was taken on each and every detail.” says Mr. Lanna, a web consultant for Piazzi.


Telephone Booth

Telephone Booth

We found this antique English Telephone Booth in this fancy joint called Sperry's (downtown Saratoga Springs, NY). It turns out this wonderful lady Teri (pictured below) from Cambridge is responsible for it being there. So we piled in!

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs

We brought our brand of music to the world renowned Saratoga Springs Farmers Market. It was a great final stop on our Upstate NY Tour and we left with enough fruits and veggies to last weeks! Thanks Saratoga Springs!